Some shops offer to collect your old fridge but for many people this isn’t an option. For example, if you buy the fridge second-hand, from friends and family or simply didn’t choose this option from the retailer.

For business purchases, you may find that removing items is an extra cost not included within the price.

Yes Waste Fridge Disposal and Recycling

Disposing of old fridges and freezers may be more complicated than you think. Older fridges and similar normally contain a substances which can damage the atmosphere’s ozone layer, both within the cooling circuit and the “blowing agent” contained within the unit’s insulation.

Due to the effects of these chemicals lasting over a century, the Government classifies fridges, freezers, chillers and air conditioning units as “Hazardous Waste“.

The best and simplest way to remove an old appliance like this is therefore to donate it to charities, or family and friends, while it still works. If you attempt to transport a damaged or non-working fridge, you may be transferring hazardous waste which is prohibited.

Who is responsible for dealing with Hazardous Waste

If you are householder you have less responsibilities than a business in dealing with Hazardous waste, provided you use facilities from your Council properly.  However if you have contractors doing building work or renovation, you may need to agree with them how any additional waste is dealt with.

Disposing of fridges

When you arrange for a fridge to be collected by Yes Waste Fridge Disposal, you can be confident that it will be treated in an environmentally-responsible way. Here’s how it works.

  1. First the cooling gases are drained and removed.
  2. In a sealed chamber, the fridges are chopped up by a machine, into small pieces
  3. Chopping releases the CFC and other gases – this is all collected and disposed of separately
  4. The plastic and metal are separated and used for recycling into new fridges or other things

Yes Waste Fridge Disposal

We can come and collect fridges, freezers and air conditioning units from homes and businesses across Yorkshire, and take them to our registered contractor who will follow the steps above. Contact us to get a quote, and we can arrange a time for a our team to attend. When we arrive you will get all the appropriate paperwork, including a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note and Waste Transfer Note.

Our teams operate across Yorkshire. We are based in Wakefield, and regularly cover Leeds and West Yorkshire, as well as Sheffield, Barnsley and South Yorkshire. To get a quote on a collection from anywhere else, please get in touch.