24th October 2017

Need a Professional Site Clearance?

Yes Waste offer a professional site clearance and commercial waste removal service at your convenience.

Site clearance can seem like a daunting task to some. Whilst skip hire can seem like an attractive option, not everyone has the space to be able to do so and can be impractical to find the space. It may also be difficult to dispose of bulky items this way as the strain of moving so much into a skip can outweigh the benefits of hiring one in the first place.

Yes Waste offers a man and a van removal service so you don’t need to worry about finding space for a skip or the heavy lifting. Our site clearance and commercial waste removal options can be appealing to any business size, our teams are able to come at your convenience.


What is involved in a site clearance?

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Quite simply, site clearance means removing all substances that may bring harm to anyone using the location or that may get in the way of any other work that needs to be done on site. You may want an old or unwanted structure out the way for example so a new and renovated building can take its place.

Once an old building has been taken down, the rubble, debris or other unwanted materials will need to be taken away. Visit our commercial waste removal services page to see how we can offer you the best possible solution.


Benefits of getting professional site clearance help

When you use a professional site clearance service, this reduces potential harm that could be caused to the environment. We are able to assess and categorise the types of waste that need to be taken away and deal with this efficiently. The task at hand can be done as quickly as possible. Not only that, but you will be provided with a waste referral note so you have peace of mind we are disposing of your waste legally whether it’s a one-off or you need regular site maintenance.


Case Study

We recently completed a Huddersfield site clearance for a church. It was a large site that had a lot of different types of waste that needed to removed efficiently and dealt with accordingly. We removed many different types of waste from the church that included, brick, rubble, soil, wood, general waste and metals.

As you can see, it was a large task that was undertaken but it doesn’t matter how many different types of waste you need taking away, Yes Waste is able to do the job. Get in touch today for your Yorkshire waste removal quote.

Church Huddersfield site clearance - commercial waste removal

Church Huddersfield site clearance - commercial waste removal