Why you might need a room clearance

Yes Waste can help you remove rubbish at all stages of your ownership or tenancy.

When you move in, you may find old furniture, washing machines and fridges that need to be removed. Wood waste like this is graded and recycled where possible.

As you decorate, old kitchen, bathroom and bedroom units become surplus to requirements. The same applies to carpets, which depend on the material from which they are made.

Other items will come up like toys, bedding and old clothes which pile up to the point where disposing of them becomes a big job.

As property owners age their needs change. A clear out then may mean moving bulky items out of the property.

Finally, in the event of a bereavement you may find that disposing of things inside a property is difficult to do yourself. Perhaps this is due to family circumstances like living abroad. In this case you’ll want to deal with a firm like Yes Waste who are sensitive to your wishes and will work with you to make things as simple as possible.

Which rooms we can clear?

Yes Waste can do a room clearance in every room of the house, flat or apartment! We sometimes work for builders who need waste packaging and materials removed from a job.

Here is a short list of some of the items of waste we can remove when we are doing room cleaning:

  • Living Rooms and Lounges – Sofas and settees, tables, televisions and electrical items, carpets, shelving
  • Kitchens – Kitchen units, electrical appliances, flooring
  • BedroomsBeds and mattresses, clothing, flooring, chairs, wardrobes, toys
  • Bathrooms – wall units, toilets, baths, shower enclosures
  • Lofts and cellars – cardboard, tools, electrical equipment, paint, car parts and accessories

Contact us to discuss what you need.

How much will it cost?

How much a room clearance will cost depends on the kind of waste you want to remove, and how much of it there is.

We normally charge by weight and are often cheaper and simpler than hiring a skip.

Where we work

Yes Waste’s Room Clearance Teams work across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, including Leeds, Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Find out more on our Where We Work Page, or call us on the number below.

How to book.

Making a booking for Yes Waste to come and collect rubbish is straightforward.

  • Just call us on 0800 058 2522, and speak to the manager – we can arrange a garage clearance appointment right there.
  • Visit our website at yeswaste.com to find out more about what we do
  • Send us a message with a photo of what you need clearing at our Facebook page