18th September 2018

Mattress Recycling and Removal in West Yorkshire

Disused Mattresses

With around 6 million mattresses a year being discarded in the UK, mattress recycling is a major challenge for householders and the environment.

Fortunately, with up to 90% of a mattress being recyclable, companies like Yes Waste can help make disposing of mattresses straightforward.

Council Mattress Recycling Services

Most Councils will collect old mattresses, but it can take up to three weeks. If you try to leave your old mattress at the kerbside with your regular waste it will not be collected, and you may be liable for littering.

Yes Waste Ltd can collect the mattress from any room in your house, so you don’t need to carry it out. And we can come within a day or two (sometimes the same day), so its quick and flexible.

Donating your mattress to charity

You can also donate your mattress to charity. Several charities in South and West Yorkshire accept mattresses, but you’d usually have to get the mattress to them, and there are restrictions on the condition. Stained and torn mattresses are sometimes rejected.

Because we recycle mattresses they get stripped down to their parts anyway.

Recycling your Mattress

As much as possible is reused to make new mattresses. This includes springs, wooden carcasses and the fillings. Overall, between 80 and 90% of the mattress is recycled, with the rest being used for green energy schemes. We don’t send mattresses to landfill.

Mattress recycling for landlords

If you have a number of mattress you need to have recycled, get in touch. We can arrange volume discounts, especially where the mattresses are in a single place. Yes Waste Ltd can also collect a number of other types of junk and rubbish from inside and outside properties, including house clearances if required.

Get your mattress recycled

To arrange for us to come out and collect your mattress, just get in touch on 0800 058 2522 and speak to the manager, or head to www.yeswaste.com/get-a-quote to see how much you could save. We cover all of West Yorkshire from our base in Wakefield, including Leeds and surrounding areas, and regularly visit South Yorkshire.