Tips For Reducing Office Paper Waste in 2019

Many offices will return to work after the Christmas break resolving to reduce the amount of paper waste produced. Waste costs money in terms of resources used, and for services such as Yes Waste coming to collect it. We had a look at some of the practical tips offices could use. We’re big fans of the waste blog and they have a a great focus on homes and home offices, and reducing/reusing/recycling rubbish produced.

Here’s an article we particularly liked on Reducing Paper waste in Home Offices. As it says, although 100% paperless offices are probably some way off, there are some ways in which we can reduce the effect of paper use on the environment. Here’s three tips we particularly liked

Paper Sourcing:

Use recycled paper. This may seem obvious, but when buying recycled paper it sends a message to manufacturers that the market exists. For example, most websites will keep a record for what people are searching for – if they see searches for “recycled paper” trending, it will encourage them to show which paper is recycled.

Failing this, choose paper which comes from FSC-Certified sources of fibre. The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)  promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. Look out for the logos for recycling (from the European Union) and the FSC.


EU Recycle Logo

FSC Logo as featured on Yes Waste website

Try environmentally-responsible ink

Ink is traditionally made from petrol-derived chemicals, which are not great for the environment. Also when the ink dries, volatile chemicals can be released which can be similar to paints. Both of these can be avoided by using soy-based inks. Ensure that the manufacturer of any inkjet cartridges or laser toner has a recycling scheme. You can also arrange for Yes Waste to collect ink as part of a Waste Collection.

Choose Energy Efficient Machines

If you are thinking of upgrading your electrical or electronic devices in 2019, choosing an efficient device could save you money over the lifetime of the machine. Additionally, any device sold now will be covered under the WEEE regulations, so will have to be collected by the manufacturer at the end of its life. Where this isn’t possible, Yes Waste can collect business machines from across Yorkshire.

Waste Collection from Yes Waste

Yes Waste collects office waste from offices and businesses across Yorkshire. We can collect a range of materials from offices, including:

  • paper and cardboard,
  • disused business machines like photocopiers and computers
  • furniture including desks, chairs and cupboards
  • Rubbish and rubble from office alterations and fit outs
  • General waste, as a one-off or on a contract

Call 0800 058 2522 to find out more or make an appointment, or visit our website for more information. You can also get a quote online.