What is General Rubbish?

General Rubbish from domestic and commercial premises

All activities produce some kind of general rubbish, from packaging to final disposal. Although recycling rates are improving, sometimes its difficult to arrange.

For businesses, it can be easy for an event like a large delivery or refurbishment to create more waste than usual. When this happens, an existing contractor may not be flexible enough to get rid of rubbish as fast as you need.

For homeowners, free Council waste disposal services are limited to what you can fit in your bin. You’ll need to transport anything extra to the tip yourself, and even than there might be questions about where it came from. So if you are doing a clearout because of a bereavement, or helping someone who is struggling at home, you may find that

Examples of General waste

  • Beds and wardrobes
  • Desks and tables
  • Chairs
  • Carpets
  • Toys and Sports Equipment

Hazardous waste

Some items you will need to ensure are disposed of properly. Fridges are a good example, but anything with a battery could be classed as hazardous waste. Paint and oil are other things that need to be disposed of by specialists.

Bulky waste


Who might need General rubbish Cleared?

Student Accommodation managers

Students sometimes get an unfairly bad name, and many students expect high standards while they study. The best Student Accommodation Managers ensure that the building is safe and clean, and this includes clearing away damaged items and removing piles of general rubbish.

Landlords and Tenants

Landlords managing single houses and HMOs will have tenants who need to dispose of general rubbish especially at the end of tenancy. HMO tenants are likely to inherit beds and furniture which may have been discarded buy the previous occupants, but they don’t need. These can end up blocking exits which can be dangerous.

Buildings and Facilities Managers

If you manage a building, you’ll be aware of the challenge of staying on top of cleanliness including disposing of general waste. This also applies to the outside grounds. Nobody likes to look out of their window and see piles of broken and damaged equipment and furniture.

Piles of waste can also be a problem in industrial areas, blocking routes and exits, and being a fire risk.

Neighbourhood Associations and Tenants Associations

Local neighbourhoods always benefit from general rubbish being cleaned up. Cleaning it up ensures that the residents know where they live is valued. Piles of waste can be a magnet for vermin, and areas which look like they are under visited can attract crime and antisocial behaviour.

Yes Waste General Rubbish Removal Services

Yes Waste can provide teams of people to help clean up general waste in your area. We cover Leeds and Yorkshire from our base in Wakefield.

If you are thinking of a man and van to come, get in touch. We’ll book an appointment to come out as soon as we can – sometimes the same day – and clean up what you need professionally. We have the legal safeguards in place like proper paperwork, Health and Safety Training (we’re members of CHAS) and uniformed staff.

How to book

Give our Manager a call on 0800 058 2522, visit our website at yeswaste.com or leave us a message on our Facebook Page.