19th September 2017

Waste Removal For Student Accommodation

A lot of waste can accumulate around student accommodation, and it needs to be dealt with correctly.

In 2014 Unipol found that 41% of student accommodation providers were dissatisfied with their recycling providers and with waste collections from their respective local authority. One of the key issues identified was the communication breakdown between the accommodation providers and the local authorities. Yes Waste aims to ease the burden on providers by offering a transparent service agreement and a regular student accommodation waste removal service.


Student halls are complex

student accommodation waste removal

With hundreds of students living in one place at one time, we understand that this can be a complex site to manage. With countless kitchens, there are going to be a few fridges and freezers that will break along the way. Due to the nature of serviced student accommodation and the high traffic areas, abandoned white goods can quickly become a health and safety issue. How do you safely dispose of these unwanted white goods?

Our specially trained teams will do all the heavy lifting for you and will come at a time that suits you and your students to take them away.


What about the bulky waste removal?

White goods aren’t the only waste items that cause facility managers problems, bulky waste items such as sofas, mattresses and furniture also need to be considered. We offer a reactive removal service problem which deals with issues as they arise and, more recently, Yes Waste has been assisting with the pre-term clear out of a number of Halls of Residence in Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Huddersfield. Included in our bulky waste clear out are large volumes of general waste, a common occurrence when bin day is forgotten about in the student halls.

student accommodation waste removal


Here’s what a recent client had to say:

“We were very pleased with the good waste clearance service that Yes Waste provided us while we cleaned out a halls of residence”

Fenna Roberts, Residence Manager at The Student Housing Company.


If you would like a quote, our services are available across South and West Yorkshire whatever your time constraints or access issues, please contact us today.