Specialist Waste Clearance by Yes Waste

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Specialist Waste Collection

Most of the waste we collect is general waste which we can deal with at Yes Waste HQ. However, some waste has to be disposed of by our Specialist waste Clearance Teams in order to comply with regulations and to protect the environment. Yes Waste can collect this kind of waste too, and for what we can’t dispose of we have a network of partners to support us.

This applies to Office Clearances, House Clearances, and Commercial and Industrial Clearances.

Our Waste Collection Teams operate across Yorkshire, especially Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Sheffield.

Fridge Collection and Disposal

Fridges and Commercial Coolers contain materials which can affect the environment. This includes gases which can damage the ozone layer as well as the cooling gas used in the lining, and is more likely the older the fridge is.

Yes Waste collects them from all over the UK and arranges for them to be disposed of in a sealed, safe environment.

Commercial Fridge and Freezer Disposal in South and West Yorkshire

Photocopiers and Office Equipment

Photocopiers and printers which contain even small amounts of toner are also considered hazardous waste. Other Items like monitors contain traces of chemicals and can be recycled by specialists.

Yes Waste collects broken printers and photocopiers from Yorkshire

WEEE Electronic Waste

When you purchase new equipment, the vendor should arrange to collect the old item it replaces. When this isn’t possible for any reason, Yes Waste can send a Specialist waste Collection Team to pick up electrical and electronic devices to take for disposal or recycling.

IT Disposal by Yes Waste


Old and worn tyres have to be recycled once they are used up. Yes Waste has partners that can strip them into the various parts so the metal (usually steel), rubber and even cotton can be recycled. Used tyres sometimes end up on new roads, and children’s playgrounds.

Tyres awaiting recycling

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Yes Waste Collection Teams can be found all over Yorkshire, so if you have an office or commercial space that needs clearing out, give us a call. We can usually be there the following day (or the same day – try us!) and we’ll do a professional job.

We also work on domestic properties too, so bulky items and room clearances are available too.