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Estate Agency Services from Yes Waste

Yes Waste works with Lettings Agents, Estate Agents and Landlords in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire to help manage the waste aspect of their properties.
With a Government focus on reducing waste and ensuring as little rubbish as possible goes to landfill, Estate Agents in the region are becoming aware of the need to manage the waste they produce efficiently.
This means that rubbish is collected promptly and flexibly, disposed of in a responsible manner and at a reasonable price.

Yes Waste works with Estate Agents all over Yorkshire


Example Service

A house in Huddersfield has come to the end of its tenancy but the tenant has left it in a mess. The new tenant would like to gain possession as soon as possible but the state of the place means that the Estate Agent it will need to arrange for it to be cleaned first.

Yes Waste Collection Teams can attend the property at short notice, and work from room to room. We can remove furniture, rubbish, broken appliances, carpets, toys and household items. This saves the decorators from having to spend time getting ready to work, and it means the property is generating revenue that much quicker.

Bin Management for Letting Agents

We can collect your day to day rubbish from your office, weekly or however many times you need. Yes Waste also manages Trade Bins, either single bins or Bin Stores.

Rubbish Collection

We work with Lettings Agents, Estate Agencies, Landlords and Homeowners to collect any rubbish from tenants too. If you have any of the following we can collect it:

  • Small and Large appliances such as washing machines, fridges and cookers
  • Furniture including sofas, wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs
  • Household items like carpets, toys, clothes etc
  • General rubbish

Litter Picking

Yes Waste can work with Landlords to maintain garden areas. We have Collection Teams who can visit properties and collect any rubbish from outside areas. Things we collect include leaves, plants, wood and rubble.

Construction Waste

If you have a house or apartment that had some DIY projects, there can be a lot of rubbish to take away. Yes Waste can collect and dispose of building rubble, paint, as well as disused kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom units.

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