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Our reliable and professional fridge removal team will collect the fridge from inside or outside your property within an agreed 2-hour time slot.

As a registered licensed waste carrier operating within the Manchester area, we will provide you with a hazardous waste consignment note which is a legal requirement. From there, we will assess the fridge to see if it can be re-used or recycled. If the fridge cannot be re-used, it is recycled legally in accordance with the WEEE directive.

A fridge is hazardous waste

The government’s environmental legislation (see here) classifies waste as hazardous when it contains substances or has properties that may make it harmful to human health or the environment.

Although most fridges have a life span of approx. 10 years, it will need to be replaced eventually. At this point, it is paramount that the fridge is recycled correctly as it will contain refrigerants that are dangerous to the environment as they contain greenhouse gases.

What happens to a fridge when it’s recycled?

If a fridge cannot be re-used, it will be sent to a dedicated recycling plant for processing. Here, the fridge will be deconstructed in a sealed environment due to the harmful substances it contains with the rest of the fridge being separated into the individual waste streams.

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If you’re located in the Manchester area and you are looking to have a fridge removed, please get in touch by completing our “Get A Quote” form. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your requirements in more details, please call 0800 058 25 22.

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yes waste, brilliant service do exactly what they say they will do and more, and very polite the lad who came to me, will need more work in a while so straight on the phone to them .

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19th September 2019

first rate service

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16th April 2019