How To Deal With Flytipped Rubbish

Flytipped rubbish is problem for residents, Councils and businesses. As well as being illegal and even dangerous, it can make a local area uninviting. Read on for ways to deal with it

What is flytipped rubbish?

Flytipped rubbish is dumping waste and rubbish without permission. As regulations around the proper disposal of waste get tighter, it is becoming more of a problem. Leeds City Council spends more than a million pounds a year dealing with fly tipped waste, and Wakefield Council deal with almost 200 cases a year.

Flytipping also happens on private land, in which case it is up the landowner to deal with., using contractors like Yes Waste Litter Picking Team.

Yes Waste is committed to helping keeping our local environment clean and tidy.


Why is it a problem

As mentioned, regulations on how waste is managed are coming into force. In addition, cash-strapped councils are introducing charges to dispose of waste. Failing to comply with these regulations can attract severe penalties.

This means unscrupulous operators (and a few households) are taking a shortcut and flytipping rubbish wherever they think they will get away with it.

If you are a householder or a business, you may decide to call someone in to dispose of a bulky item. If so you’ll need to check you get a Waste Transfer Note so that you can check how it was disposed of – the last thing you want is it being traced back to you when you disposed of some waste responsibly.

As well as being unsightly, flytipped rubbish dumped like this can attract vermin and hurt children and pets so it is important it gets cleared up as soon as possible.

Contact your local Council

Your local council will have a department dedicated to cleaning up waste on its land. We’ve listed the contact numbers for Councils in West and South Yorkshire below.

Remember there are some restrictions on the amount, quantity and type of waste that your Council can collect, and it may take a few weeks for them to come out.

How Yes Waste can help

Our Litter Picking Teams cover all of South Yorkshire (including Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham) and the towns and cities in West Yorkshire.

We can collect and dispose of most kinds of waste you’d find, from simple litter to more difficult items like tyres and even electrical appliances like fridges.

Yes Waste is focused on maintaining a healthy environment, so we ensure as much of what we collect is reused or recycled.

Get in touch or book an appointment

If you are responsible for the land you would like cleared up, we’d like to hear from you. Just give Yes Waste’s Manager a call on 0800 058 2522 to discuss what you have and we can book an appointment to send out a team to sort it out. You can also visit our website at yeswaste.com, or find us on Facebook and leave us a message there at any time.