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Competitive fridge removal within a 2-hour window

Although most fridges have a life span of around 20 years, sooner or later, it will stop working and you will need to replace it. When you replace your fridge, you must be careful how you dispose of the old one due to the hazardous substances used to keep the inside of a fridge cool.

Our specialist fridge removal team based in Wakefield will collect your fridge from anywhere on your property within an agreed two-hour window and provide you with a hazardous waste transfer note as per legally required.

Is fridge removal a specialist service?

In order to keep the inside of a fridge cool, refrigerants such as CFC’s and HCFC’s are used. As these substances are potentially harmful to human life and the environment, it results in the fridge being classified as hazardous waste in accordance with the governments’ environmental legislation.

As a result of this, it is your legal responsibility to make sure that the fridge is disposed of responsibly. Using a service such as ours ensures that your legal obligation is met with the minimum amount of fuss and hassle.

How do you dispose of a fridge?

Once we collect your fridge, it will be assessed by our team to see if it can be re-used or if it needs to be sent for recycling. If it is sent for recycling, it will be deconstructed within a sealed environment as it is classified as hazardous waste (waste that contains components that be harmful to human life and the environment) and the elements split into individual waste streams.

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Easy to get a quote and book a collection, James was very nice, staff arrived on time and were very friendly, very efficient all round, reasonable prices. Would def recommend.

thumb Janet Perkin
13th February 2019

Contacted this firm after the BHF declined my settee. Clear, courteous service, they came in 2 days. Specified a narrow time window and contacted me about 40 minutes before to confirm. Excellent, reliable and very nice. I highly recommend them.

thumb pat moore
12th August 2019