Hard drive destruction

Hard drive destruction is the actual destruction of the hard drive or other data bearing device to ensure that all of the information is destroyed and prevents it getting into the wrong hands.

What kind of destruction can we do?

What kind of destruction can we do?

  • Hard Drive Destruction: We use our mobile crusher (hard drives can be destroyed through crushing on site and are then shredded back at our site – or they can just be crushed)
  • Data Wiping: this is only available off site and securely erases and cleanses all data from the hard drive or data bearing device

What Is the difference between hard drive destruction and data wiping?

Hard drive destruction means the physical destruction of the data bearing device. This is a paid for service and can only be conducted to an extent on site with crushing. Following that the hard drives are shredded back at our HQ. Following shredding the metals are sent for reprocessing.

Data wipe is a cheaper service and is completed off site only. We use state of the art technology to securely erase and cleanse all data from the hard drive and ensure that cyber criminals cannot access your digital identity.

What kind of assets contain sensitive data and what industries do we operate in?

There are a variety of electronic devices that may contain sensitive data, including:

Hard drives, Phones, Memory sticks, Tablet computers, Digital cameras, Photocopiers

Our professional team have experience of working within a variety of industries, including:

Solicitors, Accountants, Data centres, Call centres, Hotels, Shops and offices, Universities, schools, colleges, Health organisations such as the NHS, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, Leisure, pubs, clubs, sports clubs, gaming industries, Large and small businesses

As well as collecting your hard drives, we are able to accept all data bearing devices for free at our locations although we do charge for the physical destruction.

Please Note:
If you are a business that wishes to drop your hard-drives off at our HQ for destruction, you will still need a waste carrier’s licence.

Why choose Yes Waste to destroy your hard drives?

Yes Waste is an established waste management company with over 10 years of experience.

Our reliable and efficient teams usually consist of 2-3 people who will contact you when they are 30-minutes away. Once they arrive, they will confirm the price to collect the hard drives, and if agreed, they will load the drives and go.

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