Why is cardboard recycling important?

Recycled cardboard and paper is the most common thing that businesses and households need to dispose of, accounting for 41% of packaging waste across Europe in 2015. Not only is this amount growing, changing legislation means that cardboard and paper need to be recycled properly.

Paper and cardboard are great materials for recycling, as recycled cardboard can be used with no loss in quality.

They could be sent to landfill as they do biodegrade eventually or could be burnt as fuel. However, both can lead to emissions of harmful chemicals into the environment. On the other hand, there are established facilities to recycle paper waste. Recycling paper and cardboard is efficient and protects jobs and the environment.

You may have seen in the news that China is no longer accepting other country’s waste in the amounts that it did. Combined with stronger legislation in the UK, this means that paper and cardboard are increasingly recycled at home.

Who creates paper and cardboard for recycling?

Yes Waste collects cardboard from homes, businesses and industry in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. In homes it is most likely to be from food packaging and boxes.

In commercial premises we might collect shredded paper as well as larger packaging items.

Benefits to recycling

Recycling benefits your local environment – 100kg of cardboard would save 1-2 trees and almost two tonnes of water!

Is cardboard recycling available for all products?

Not all paper waste can be recycled. Some loads have to be rejected where they contain too much material that isn’t paper or cardboard. Examples might include

  • treated cardboard containers like “Tetra Pak” and other containers which contain coatings
  • Packaging which contains food or traces of food, typically pizza boxes. These are difficult to separate in machines which can remove metal etc
  • Packaging that mixes other types of waste, like plastics.
  • Wet cardboard

Yes Waste Cardboard Recycling

Yes Waste’s Cardboard Recycling Service may be the answer. Instead of having you sort through your waste to determine what cardboard is recyclable, Yes Waste can collect it and do it at our recycling facility.

This saves you time, and because we can come out whenever you need we can save some space too!

Book an appointment

If you have a pile of cardboard to recycle (or other waste), get in touch with Yes Waste today. It’s easy to get in contact with Yes Waste. Visit our website at yeswaste.com, call us on 0800 058 2522 and speak to the manager, or message us on Facebook.

Our teams will call at a specific time and can attend out of hours if that’s more convenient. You also don’t need to be there as long as we can get to the waste material.

We collect waste by coming to you from our unit in Wakefield. Yes Waste trucks cover all of West Yorkshire (especially the Leeds area) and South Yorkshire.