Yes Waste covers the great University Towns of Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bradford. As a result some of our work is for landlords who let their properties to students.

Types of Student Housing and Accommodation

Most student accommodation splits between private providers and HMO operators, larger student accommodation estates and dedicated university halls. While University Halls are usually maintained as part of the University, private private providers (especially smaller ones) may need to bring in services like Yes Waste.

Why Maintaining Your Property matters

The student population in West Yorkshire’s University towns (Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield and Bradford, as well as larger Colleges in ) is growing, and currently reaches more than 160,000 students – larger than many towns. Current trends suggest that students are less likely to spend their first year in halls, opting for private accommodation instead. This means the market is more competitive than ever, with rising student numbers chasing the best places to stay.

Student accommodation which looks attractive can attract a premium price, with shorter times to let and higher occupancy rates.

How Yes Waste can Help You Stay On Top

Yes Waste has a range of services targeted towards Student Accommodation Buildings and Facilities Managers.

Bin Management

Bins and bin stores in larger units are unlikely to be emptied by the Council. Where some companies might just come and empty your bins weekly, Yes Waste can clear any flyblown waste on student accommodation campuses as well as clear bulky objects.

Litter Picking

Most open spaces are likely to find litter being blown in. Yes Waste has teams of people who can clear your student accommodation of litter and other rubbish. Litter has been shown to be an indicator of neglect, and encouraging people to act accordingly.

Garden Waste

If you use a garden contractor, and especially if you don’t, you’ll end up with piles of leaves, cuttings etc. Yes waste can collect these in our trucks. We’ll sort and recycle what we can.

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste like old sofas, wardrobes, beds and other furniture are often abandoned by departing students as they can be difficult to shift. Yes Waste’s Collection Bulky Item Team can do all the lifting to return rooms and public areas to use.

Room and House Clearance

If you need to clear a room or even a whole house at short notice, Yes Waste is there to help. Larger items, cellars and attics, outbuilding sand gardens can be cleared at short notice, with the majority of things recycled or reused.

Get Started – Book An Appointment Today

Yes Waste would love to support your operation, so we have a freephone number where you can discuss what you need with the Manager. Just call 0800 058 2522, or emailĀ to book an appointment or discuss what might be the best option for you.