With the winter season behind us, many of us will be sorting out the garden in the hope that we will be able to enjoy it in the Summer. One important aspect to consider as part of this process is what to do with the garden waste that we’ve generated and how to dispose of the old pieces of garden furniture and tools that we no longer want.

Below are 8 different ways of how to deal with your garden waste, garden furniture and tools.

1. Composting

Compositing is the most environmentally-friendly way of recycling your organic garden (and kitchen) waste as well as having the added benefit of producing compost that can be used as an excellent soil improver.

For more information on what you can, and cannot compost, take a look at this article from Garden Organic – a charity that brings together thousands of people who share a common belief – that organic growing is essential for a healthy and sustainable world.

2. Burning

Although there are no laws against having a fire in your garden, burning garden waste is now seen as unfriendly, both to your neighbours and the environment. If you do decide to go ahead with the burning option, restrict the waste you burn to dry (not green) garden waste, clean timber, cardboard or paper.

Please do not burn other materials such as plastic, rubber, paint and oils as this may cause the generated smoke to be toxic and may result in you being fined up to £5,000. For more information on garden bonfires, check out the UK Government website.

3. Council Garden Waste Bin

In many locations throughout Yorkshire, the local council provide households with a garden waste bin. If you have got one of these bins, you can use it to get rid of your green waste, including flowers and plants, bark, wood shavings and sawdust, leaves, hedge trimmings and pruning’s, grass cuttings and weeds. If you would like to know more information about this, contact your local authority.

4. Sell it

You may be surprised at how useful your old garden furniture set could be to someone else, remember, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” Using a platform such as Gumtree will allow you to easily list your items to appeal to a potential new home, and make you a bit of cash to boot.

5. Pass it on

Do you have a friend or relative who would like to take on your old furniture? If so, pass it on, your friend or relative will be very grateful. You may need to arrange a larger vehicle to pick it up, however, you will not have to worry about how to dispose of the items anymore.

6. Donate it

In many cases, charities such as the Leeds Children Charity will happily take your old garden furniture and tools off your hands for free as long if the items are in good condition. If you would like to know more about the charities that may take your furniture, please check out Charity Choice.

7. Take it to the local tip/recycling centre

If you have a vehicle that can hold the volume of waste, garden furniture and tools that you are looking to get rid of, you could take the items to your local tip/recycle centre.

8. Waste Removal Company

Another option for getting rid of your garden waste and furniture etc. would be to use a specialist garden clearance company. The benefit of this is that they will collect the waste/items within an agreed 2-hour time frame as well as doing all the moving and lifting too, allowing you to take it easy. Furthermore, the company will issue with the relevant documentation to provide proof that they will dispose of the waste ethically and responsibly.

Please Note:
If you decide to use a company to clear your garden, please check that they hold a valid waste carriers license (ours is CBDU117809), have insurance and that they will provide you with the relevant paperwork. Failure to do this may leave you susceptible to a legal charge if the company does not dispose of the collected items correctly.