It’s difficult to keep domestic waste down when the children are off school but when around 60% of household waste can be recycled, we thought we would share some tips.

  • Collect your unwanted paper, card and cardboard in one place. Separating glass and plastics is an easy thing to do so they can all be disposed of ethically and sustainably.
  • Remember the smaller things such as batteries. They contain some chemicals that are harmful to the environment – keep your batteries in one place and organise for them to be disposed of safely.
  • Cut down on food waste! In Britain we throw away a lot of food. Plan meals ahead, write shopping lists and freeze leftovers so you can reduce food wastage and your bank balance will thank you.
  • Easily label your bins so you and other family members can easily tell the difference. This also works well if you have a BBQ this summer so your guests know where waste goes!
  • Plastic bags are notoriously difficult to recycle and can take between 20 and 1000 years to breakdown in landfill. Reusing them will reduce your carbon footprint and money you spend on bags. Always forget them? Keep them in the boot of your car.
  • Why not take up gardening? Any raw food or vegetable peelings can all be put into a compost bin where they will decompose into nutritious food for plants. This can also save money as you won’t need to buy plant food when this has decomposed.
  • If your waste is too big for your bin, Yes Waste can help take away any household waste including white goods such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners or an old wardrobe. We will dispose of them in the most ethical and sustainable way possible and take the hassle of your hands.

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