With both services operating, similarly, helping the environment through recycling and reuse, being licensed, insured, and providing you with the required legal documentation to show a full audit trail, the question becomes;

Which service should I use?

To help answer this question, we have reviewed both types of services below:

Skip Hire:


  • Useful for ongoing projects where lots of heavy and loose waste, such as rubble or soil is produced
  • Useful when you wish to work through a project/clearance at your own pace.


  • Can incur additional charges for acquiring a permit if the skip is to be situated on a public highway etc.
  • You must load the skip yourself
  • Certain types of products such as fridges, freezers, tyres and TVs, otherwise known as hazardous waste cannot be placed in the skip
  • Regardless of how much of the skip you fill, you must pay for the whole skip

Man And A Van:


  • The service is usually cheaper than hiring a skip as you only pay for the rubbish, they take away
  • You arrange a time with the removal service, and they will come, load the van and take it away
  • Can take away items that cannot be placed in a skip, e.g. hazardous waste such as fridges, freezers, tyres, TVs etc…


  • Open to abuse from people aiming to make a ‘quick buck’ who offer cheap rates but are not licensed and do not dispose of the waste legally. However, most industries and services suffer from this. To prevent these ‘cowboys’ from taking advantage of you, ask the company, including skip hire companies, for their Waste Carriers License number (ours is CBDU117809) and confirm that they are fully insured (yes, we are)
  • Potentially more expensive than hiring a skip when you are getting rid of heavy waste due to the weight restrictions on the van and that it may require more than 1 trip.


Ultimately, when looking at which service to use, the decision comes down to the reason you were looking into these services initially.

For anything other than heavy waste, a ‘Man And A Van’ is the most beneficial option as it is more cost-effective, convenient, can take hazardous waste, and they do the lifting too.

If you are looking to get rid of heavy waste, such as rubble over a period, it may be more cost effective to hire a skip as this can handle more weight and the skip is placed at an agreed location for a specified amount of time (usually measured in days).

Just one more thing…

There can be situations where hiring a skip is problematic, such as in a busy city such as Leeds, with access restrictions, one-way streets and problematic roads – not to mention the potential permits that are needed to park up a skip.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, many waste removal companies offer a “wait and load” service which is where a rubbish removal truck will turn up at a time convenient to you, wait until the truck is loaded and then take it away.

We can help with all your waste collection and rubbish removal needs.

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