Yes Waste Server Recycling can collect servers from your business and arrange for them to be reused or recycled. Our service is secure and legally compliant. Unlike destructive services, we try to recycle as much as possible, either though reuse or by recycling individual parts.

Secure File Deletion

Yes Waste uses a range of contractors for server recycling.

If your server still contains a hard drive, we’ll ensure that they use tools to securely remove any data, so you can be sure that personal, financial or confidential information is removed. There are a range of tools used, but would include the entire disk being rewritten at least once.

Other devices include network attached devices which contain information, or photocopiers with cached images of pages. In these cases we will empty out the data, or destroy the device holding the information.

Possibly the biggest risk here is to your reputation. No company wants to be known as insecure.

Data Protection Compliance

In the UK, the Data Protection Act ensures that companies such as Yes Waste take steps to protect your personal data. You can find out more about what the duties are from the Information Commissioner’s Office, in short companies that get it wrong can face large fines.

WEEE Directive

The EU’s WEEE Directive will continue to apply in the UK in the future, and places obligations on businesses to ensure that all waste is dealt with.

A business’ WEEE obligations depend on when an item was purchased and whether it is being replaced. If you dispose of an item which is not being replaced now, you will have to:

store it safely until it is disposed of
show that it was disposed of by a licensed Waste Carrier, like Yes Waste
have a Waste Transfer Note

If your item is being replaced, the new item’s manufacturer has to put in place a scheme to remove the old one.

Find out more

The rules and regulations can seem complex, so we’d be happy to explain them and assess what you need to do. Just call 0800 058 2522 or email for a no-obligation conversation about what you need.