Pallets are usually made of a soft wood which is a by-product of other processes, so they are not a direct load on the environment. In addition, wood biodegrades so while we make every effort to avoid sending them to the landfill, they don’t contribute to landfills in the long term.

Pallet Recycling Services

Yes Waste Ltd can collect pallets from Leeds or Wakefield, anywhere in West Yorkshire or across the North. We are based in Wakefield, so depending on when you call sometimes we can come out the same day.

We can sort your pallets into reusable and damaged. Where a pallet is beyond repair it is recycled.

Whether you need us to come and collect as a one-off single clearance or have unused and damaged pallets regularly we can come out and get them for you.

Other Wood

Yes Waste Ltd can also collect, recycle and dispose of all other kinds of wood as well as pallet recycling.

  • We deal with garden waste, including felled trees, logs and branches and disused sheds.
  • Yes Waste Ltd also works to remove wooden furniture from houses including beds, kitchens and wardrobes.
  • Other wooden waste materials such as construction and renovation debris and packaging are welcome too.

Our motto is that if our teams can move it we’ll be happy to take it away for you.

Yes Waste Ltd  – a quality service

We are a professional, insured and licensed service and so we will issue all the correct paperwork.

Our drivers and vehicles are uniformed and trained in Health and Safety.

To make it easy for you we arrange specific timeslots, and call ahead.

Get a quote

Get a quote to find out more or call us now on 0800 058 2522 – and get your pile of pallets moved in no time!