Office desks are a key item in your office – large and often unloved but vital in office productivity. With Leeds having a growing population of office workers (more than 19000 in the last few years according to commercial estate agents Savills), the city can expect an increasing turnover of desks. Yes Waste can help you manage this process – as the desks (or chairs, or any other office asset) comes to the end of its life we can collect and recycle or reuse it.

What are office desks made of?

Most office desks are made from wood, metal, plastic or MDF. Other parts might be glass and laminate. Most of these have good options for recycling and can be reused in other materials. Examples might be animal bedding, roads or containers.

Can office desks be recycled by Yes Waste?

Yes Waste is committed to reducing the amount of office furniture that ends up in landfill.

We take office furniture which you no longer need from places like Leeds, strip them down and recycle the parts more efficiently than trying to do it all in one go.

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