Ways to dispose of rubbish in Leeds

There’s a few different ways to dispose of rubbish if you live in Leeds, or have a property in Leeds. These are some of the options:

  • Hire a skip. If you hire a skip, it can be delivered and picked up. This sounds simple, but you’ll need to have a permit if it is on the road, and other restrictions on how to use a skip. It will also be for a fixed period – so if you finish early or late, you are stuck with an unsightly skip taking up space. You’ll also have to load your waste.
  • You could take it to the local tip. Council run tips are often close by, but normally charge for most items. You’ll struggle to get anything other than a private car in – restrictions on commercial waste mean that Councils are only really interested in waste from households. Again you’ll also have to load and unload your waste yourself.

Or you could just call in Yes Waste!

Yes Waste are experts in providing a fast and reliable business waste service for commercial and industrial properties, and domestic households, in Leeds.

Collections from within properties in Leeds

Whether the rubbish removal you need is a single furniture removal or a house clearance, you can call us and we’ll get it done quickly. Our prices are based on volume, so we are often a cheap alternative to skip hire. Yes waste can collect bulky items such as unwanted furniture removal, garage clearances and sofa removal.

Waste Collections from outside properties

If your garden looks like the one in the picture, Yes Waste has you covered too. We can collect all sorts of junk from the garden, from plants and vegetation through to soil and concrete. A garden clearance from Yes Waste could have your garden looking tidy and more spacious.

Yes Waste can also arrange for litter-picking teams to collect rubbish which has been blown about. Ideal for small businesses which don’t have dedicated Grounds Staff.

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