1. Time

The first factor relates to the location of the waste and the time taken to load it onto the van. If you are in an apartment on the 5th floor, the time taken to remove any waste will be more than removing the same amount of waste from an apartment on the ground floor.

In addition to this, the level of access to the waste is also used when pricing a job. Whether we can park close to the waste or whether there is a considerable distance between the waste and the van.

2. What kind of waste do you have and how much?

From this information, we can begin to assess the space required in our vans and the associated weight of the waste we will be collecting. Each of our vehicles has 16 cubic yards of space and a 1-tonne weight limit. Therefore, if we are collecting waste that is heavy, e.g. bricks and rubble, you may only use half of the space, however, it may weigh 1tonne so it will be classified as a full load.

In addition to this, certain types of waste result in a supplement fee as there are additional charges incurred by ourselves. These include items such as mattresses and items classified as hazardous waste, such as fridges, freezers, paints etc.

3. When do you need it removed?

The final factor when calculating the price is when you require the waste to be removed, is it during our normal hours of operation or outside of these hours?

Compare like for like

Once all these elements have been factored in, we will provide you with a no-obligation price. Please make sure that when comparing prices, you are comparing like for like. Skips can hold more weight, however, you have to load the items yourself, there are certain items that you cannot put into a skip and our vehicles have twice as much space as a standard skip (read our article – skips vs man and a van). If you wish to know more information about this service, please view our Rubbish Removal page

Then What?

If you are happy with the price and wish to make a booking, we will agree to a convenient two-hour window with yourself when one of our professional teams will arrive and collect the waste from inside or outside your property.

The team scheduled to remove the waste will call you when they are 20minutes away from your property and upon arrival will confirm the price before removing the items. Even at this stage, the price is still no-obligation so you can still cancel the collection without any penalty.

After we have collected the waste, you will receive a waste transfer note for each load of non-hazardous waste we remove. This is a legal document that details the transfer of waste from one person to another and the associated responsibility of disposing of the collected waste (see Government website for more info).

If the waste we collect is from a business and classified as hazardous, we will also issue you with a hazardous waste consignment note. This is a legal document that forms part of the waste duty of care and provides a clear audit trail from when the waste is produced until it is disposed of. Furthermore, the document must be retained for a minimum of three years and you must be able to produce them on demand to an environmental regulator or the local council to prevent you from being fined.


As a company, we believe in offering value for money and endeavour to make the process of removing your rubbish as easy as possible. The way we calculate our prices and carry out the job allows you to be confident that you are receiving the best possible price and that you will be covered legally. See below for some examples of the work we have completed.


If you wish to know more about services or how we can help you with your waste removal needs, you can either request a quote or call us on 0800 058 2522.