Homeowners who have had any renovation or building work done inside or outside the house may have piles of rubbish to be moved. Landlords and tenants who have had landscaping of professional gardening will also need to move the garden waste material to be recycled or disposed of.

Yes Waste can come to collect all kinds of waste from your garden and dispose of it ethically and responsibly.

The types of garden waste we clear

Yes Waste can collect all kinds of garden waste including

  • Leaves
  • Trees
  • Bushes and shrubs
  • Twigs and branches
  • Soil and Turf
  • Plants
  • Garden Furniture and Toys
  • General rubbish

What happens to your garden waste

Occasionally we are asked to remove items that can be reused, but most waste is recycled locally. Items such as leaves, branches and most vegetation are sorted and burnt for fuel. Other items which are classed as mixed general waste are sent to the correct facilities – we have contracts with a number of local specialists.

Where we work

We clear garden waste from all over Yorkshire. As we are based nearby in Wakefield our trucks regularly visit Huddersfield and surrounding districts, including:

  • Almondbury, Fenay Bridge, Lascelles Hall, Lepton
  • Ashbrow, Brackenhall, Bradley, Deighton, Fixby, Netheroyd Hill and Sheepridge
  • Beaumont Park, South Crosland and Crosland Moor, Lockwood, Longroyd Bridge, Netherton, South Crosland and Thornton Lodge
  • Colne Bridge, Dalton, Kirkheaton, Moldgreen, Rawthorpe, Upper Heaton and Waterloo
  • Cowlersley, Golcar, Longwood, Linthwaite, Milnsbridge and Salendine Nook
  • Birkby, Edgerton, Fartown, Hillhouse, Marsh and Paddock
  • Ainley Top, Birchencliffe, Lindley, Mount and Oakes
  • Armitage Bridge, Berry Brow, Hall Bower, Lowerhouses, Newsome, Primrose Hill, Springwood and Taylor Hill

Why choose Yes Waste?

Yes Waste is committed to providing you with a professional service that you’d recommend to friends and colleagues.

Our company is licensed and insured to do waste collection and management, so you don’t risk being prosecuted for illegally passing on waste

The trucks we use are properly liveried, and all our staff wear uniforms

Our prices are keen too. By only sending out what you need you don’t end up having to pay for a huge skip which is unused for days, and you avoid skip permit charges which can take time to issue.

How to book an appointment.

Making a booking for Yes Waste to come and collect rubbish is straightforward.

  • Just call us on 0800 058 2522 and speak to the manager – we can discuss what you need and arrange a garden waste clearance appointment right then.
  • Visit our website at yeswaste.com to find out more about what we do
  • Send us a message with a photo of what you need clearing at https://www.facebook.com/yeswasteltd/