In one of the worst cases we’ve heard of, a man in Kent has been jailed for multiple waste-related offences in Essex and North Kent. This includes dumping 20 tonnes of waste on a road, and further offences of flytipping waste outside a food factory.

Paul Egan was jailed for a number of offences, and the Environment Agency said:

Flytipping is a blight on the countryside. When the amount of waste tipped is this significant, it is not just an eyesore or a huge inconvenience for those whose land have been dumped on, it is waste crime. Waste criminals undermine legitimate businesses, often leaving those dumped on to foot the clean-up.

Yes Waste’s Managing Director agreed. “The way the waste was dumped underlines the damage to both the environment and local businesses. Our Litter Pick and Fly Tipping Teams are called out to property which could look much more attractive. Those spaces could be used more extensively if it wasn’t for illegally dumped waste“.

In Hull, local residents are battlingĀ drug needles and dead pets. They’ve produced a handy guide for households about how to dispose of their waste, which you can view here.

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