Fridge Disposal is a Specialist Service from Yes Waste

Disposing of fridges is a specialist job. It’s possible to recover much of the fridge parts and materials for reuse and recycling. TheĀ cooling liquid and the material used in the manufacture of the insulation can be harmful to the environment.

Yes Waste can collect your fridge, freezer or chiller from anywhere in Yorkshire. This saves you taking it to a commercial tip yourself – where you’d also be charged. Your local Council will not collect commercial items like this.

When it gets to our site we will grade it. If it can’t be reused, we’ll strip it down or pass it on intact to our network of recycling partners.

Where we can collect a Commercial Fridge for Disposal

Our unit is in Wakefield. Yes Waste Collection Teams are out and about across Yorkshire every day. So if you have a restaurant in Leeds, an off-license in Sheffield or a nightclub in Huddersfield, we can help you dispose of fridges you no longer need.

Other items Yes Waste collects from restaurants and kitchens

Yes Waste can also collect a number of items related to catering, such as broken furniture, packaging and cookers. We can also support you when you have a renovation, by removing the builder contractor’s waste.

How to book

If you’d like to discuss commercial Fridge Disposal with Yes Waste, please get in touch. The freephone number is 0800 058 2522, and it is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively message us on Facebook, or email