How To Deal With Fly Tipping In Bradford

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Responsibility for businesses

Fly-tipping is more than just dumping waste – the land it goes to has to have a proper license to accept it. This shows that flytipping (or fly-tipping) is both a crime against the owner of the land and an environmental problem.

A spokesman for Bradford Council, quoted by the Daily Express said:

“Fly-tipping is a national issue and Bradford Council is just one of those areas suffering from the blight of this anti-social behaviour. The cost of clearing up fly-tipping in the Bradford district is between £100,000 and £150,000 per year.”

Why Is Flytipping Waste A Problem?

Bradford Council dealt with more than 850 cases of fly tipping in 2016/17, making it one of the worst Council areas in England.

Nationally, dealing with fly-tipped waste costs Councils in England more than £1m a day, and the estimated cost of clearing up this waste was over £58 million, according to Keep Britain Tidy.

The disposal of waste can be hazardous to the public, which is why it should be done under controlled conditions. Illegally dumping it could be a risk of damage to watercourses and soil quality.

Its not just the larger amounts. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 makes littering an offence, with a maximum penalty of up to £2500.

When areas are kept clean it is often a sign that communities are active and safe, which deters crime and can promote visitors. So clean areas with regular litter picking benefit everyone!


Fly-tipping in Bradford in the News

Man caught fly tipping is fined £400” via Bradford Telegraph and Argus A man seen on CCTV dumping several bin bags of waste and carpet received a Fixed Penalty of £400. Failing to pay it sent the cost up to £1000.

Rise in fly-tipping in Keighley”: With nearly 8000 incidents of fly tipping reported in 2017/18, people are more aware and likely to report it. The report in Keighley News goes on to say that Bradford and Leeds have one of the highest rates of fly tipping in West Yorkshire – nearly 30 times the rate of Kirklees.

“The problem of fly tipping is one that is infuriating every community and damaging the environment from inner-city back streets to idyllic country lanes, and we are determined to do what we can to tackle it.” – Bradford Council

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How to deal with fly tipped waste

It used to be that dealing with waste meant a trip to one of Bradfords’ Household Waste Recycling Centres. The Council is increasingly recognising that this passes the cost onto them, and so is charging private companies to get a permits. The cost can be up to £80 .

Don’t get caught out – you need to register to transport your own waste – you might find that using a service like Yes Waste could be quicker and simpler. Yes Waste’s Registration Page on the Environment Agency’s Website shows we are registered to carry waste.

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Responsibility for businesses

You could face an unlimited fine if your waste ends up fly-tipped and you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it.

Business must keep Waste Information Notes for two years (this applies to all waste, including waste that might get fly tipped). Failing to be able to show a Waste Information Note if the Council or Environment Agency call is an offence  for which Fixed Penalty Fines of £300 can be issued.

Community protection notices (CPNs) can be issued to require businesses or individuals to:

  • clear litter from around their premises
  • take steps to prevent future littering
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Yes Waste Fly Tipping Clearance Service

Yes Waste is registered to collect your waste, so you don’t need to risk transporting it from your business, site or location – or need to see it get fly tipped. We can also manage your bins, so they don’t overflow and make your property unsightly due to litter, or hazardous to enter.

We also have a Litter Picking Service. So whether the Council has instructed a business to clean up an area with flytipping, or you don’t have the resources to clean up rubbish or waste on your premises, Yes Waste can help. Our Teams can collect most kinds of waste, including:

  • Fly Tipping Leaves and Litter
  • Soil, rubble and gardening waste
  • Furniture and Office Waste
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