What’s Included in a Morley Plant Room Strip-out?

Our Morley plant room strip out projects take facilities back to its shell, leaving the space safe and ready for it to be reused.

The process usually includes the decommissioning, disassembling, and removal of redundant machinery items such as boilers, motors, generators, heaters, air conditioning units, ducting, pipework, control panels and general mechanical and electrical strip out.

Why Choose Yes Waste for your Morley Plant Room Strip-out?

Compliance with Health & Safety regulations
We ensure all of the relevant safety guidelines are followed during the project, including equipment usage, worker safety, and hazardous waste disposal

Minimise downtime
A well planned strip out can ensure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently whilst minimising the disruption to the business.

Ethical waste disposal
After we have removed the items from the plant room, we follow the “3 R’s” of waste management; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in order to minimise what is sent to landfill.

In many cases, a high percentage of the items removed as a result of the plant strip out can be salvaged. We assess each item individually to see whether it can be reused. If it can, it will be donated to charity whereas if this is not the case, we recycle what we can before sending the rest to a landfill.

Want to know more about our Morley plant room strip out service?

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