GDPR Responsibilities

Under GDPR regulations, organisations are responsible for ensuring the secure destruction of confidential documents. The regulations also outline strict guidelines for data protection, including requirements for handling and disposing of confidential data.

Any Holmfirth business or organisation that deals with personal data must adhere to the GDPR regulations. This includes implementing security measures for the collection, handling, and destruction of confidential information. Failure to comply with GDPR can result in significant fines and legal consequences.

What is Classified as a Confidential Document?

Confidential documents are any paper-based documents that contain sensitive, confidential, or personal data that could potentially harm an individual, an organisation, or the public if disclosed.

Examples of confidential documents include financial statements, employee records, legal documents, medical records, client details, and any other information that requires protection.

How Does the Paper Destruction Process Work?

We offer the following types of paper destruction throughout Holmfirth:

On-Site Shredding
Our Holmfirth On-site shredding involves a mobile shredding truck being sent to the client’s location, where the shredding takes place on-site. This method provides real-time verification of secure destruction by you, and the shredded paper remains on the client’s premises until disposal.

Off-Site Shredding
Our Holmfirth Off-site shredding is handled at our specialised facility. The paper is collected from your location, and the shredding takes place at the off-site facility. The shredded paper is then transported to a recycling centre for disposal

What Happens to the Shredded Paper?

Once the paper has been securely shredded, it is then transported to a licensed recycling facility. The shredded paper is sorted, baled, and recycled into new paper products such as tissues, toilet paper, and newspaper.

Want to know more about our Holmfirth Confidential Paper Destruction Service?

We’re always happy to discuss your specific Holmfirth confidential paper destruction service requirements. Please get in touch by completing our “Get A Quote” form or by calling a member of our friendly team for expert advice on 0800 058 25 22.