What were the main challenges?

  • No electricity
  • Logistics due to the location of the property in relation to any waste transfer stations.

What did we do?

To mitigate the impact resulting from the lack of electricity, we utilised a series of generators to power any of the tools that we required.

Due to the nearest licensed waste transfer stations being approx. 35 – 60 minutes away, resulting in a round trip of up to two hours, we utilised a scheduled combination of our own caged tipper vehicles and a trade waste vehicle to remove the waste from the site in a timely fashion.

Strip Out Included

  • Carpet tiles
  • Suspended ceiling grid and insulation
  • Non-load bearing partitions
  • Dismantle/knockdown blockwork
  • Air conditioning units
  • General office clearance
  • General warehouse clearance
  • Existing high bay  light fittings
  • Infrared tube heaters including associated fixings, pipework and cabling

“Great firm, always very reliable. We would highly recommend them for strip out and waste collection.

Russell MJ Davis (MD, Workspace)