What were the main challenges?

The main challenge was that all the work had to be completed out of hours, during the holiday season and not all of the isolation’s were completed by the time the works started.

What did we do?

The project was initially scheduled to be completed within 3 nights. However, this was extended to 4 nights as a result of the plumbing works not being isolated until the 06/01/2020. We completed all of the works that were not affected by this issue before the 6th in order to allow is to complete the works quickly once the isolation had been carried out.

Strip out included:

  • Removal of the toilets, sinks and urinals
  • Removal of the tiled flooring (during this it revealed a second layer of old tiling that we had to quickly take up)
  • Removal of toilet cubicles
  • Block work – the entrance into the toilets was to be moved.
  • Transport waste around the site within our own bins and remove ALL waste using our owned cage tipper vehicles.