25th February 2022

Case Study: Frankie and Benny’s (Leeds)

As the main contractor, we ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget by a very small and dedicated team.

  • All of the plant equipment on the roof of building needed to removed via a very small service hatch. We solved this challenge by breaking the plant down to its smallest constituent parts. Any parts that were still too large to pass through the opening were cut into more manageable pieces and fed through the gap to an operative on a scaffold.
  • To expose the slab, all flooring had to be removed. This turned out to be 3-5 layers of ply/flooring/tiles that had been left down and laid over in previous fitouts. This paired with years of footfall and liquids made it very difficult to remove. Although we had initially planned to simply crowbar the laminate flooring up in layers, we discovered that it was adhered and fixed through every layer.Though this was an unforeseen problem, it was resolved by exploring different methods and implementing the most efficient one. This involved a plunge saw where we could set the blade depth to reach the slab, allowing us to cut through the layers of flooring and then lever the pieces up.

  • All internal perimeter walls needed to be entirely cleared of dot and dab residue – leaving the blockwork ready for skimming/plastering. Although this was time consuming, we showed a good eye for detail on this element and chased every single block clean.
  • In our endeavours to be sustainable, we separated all blockwork from the plasterboard and plaster adhered to it, recycling them both respectively. Although this required additional time, we pride ourselves on the highest possible recycle and reuse rates and so it was important for us to separate these materials.