26th October 2018

Cellar Clearance in Wakefield

Its well known that England has the smallest houses in the EU, with an average 96 sq m. This compares with 137 sq m in Denmark.

Less well recognised is that storage space is also set as a minimum, and that for larger family houses this can be as little as 0.8 sq m per bedroom. This is why we see cellars and basements pressed into service as storage areas.

This means that the pressure to store old possessions can be impractical. If you’ve decided to have a clear out to make space, Yes Waste can help. Yes Waste clears cellars and basements like these

Wakefield Cellars and Basement Clearance by Yes Waste

The most common kinds of things we get asked to move include:

  • Sports equipment, like bikes and weight benches
  • Furniture such as beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, sofas and wardrobes
  • DIY things: Wood is often saved for later. Other things like paint are stored for years
  • Fridges and large electrical equipment which can be difficult to move.

How to Book

Booking us to come is easy, just email info@yeswaste.com, call 0800 058 2522 or use the chat button for a speedy response.