21st September 2018

Yes Waste Bin Store Management

Landlords, Housing Associations and Estates departments – this one’s for you – who is responsible for bin management on your properties? Is the same as the people who actually empty the bins? Probably not…

A bin store area in South Elmsall

The problem with your Bin Store

Developments with communal areas often generate large amounts of waste, and often this is not suitable for collection by the Council. Perhaps it is too bulky, hazardous or just the wrong kind of waste.

Where the tenant is a commercial business, you may find that their regular waste contractor is refusing to take certain items as its “outside of their contract”.

In either case, the area where you store bins can look unsightly very quickly and may even be overflowing without some kind of bin management in place. Once an area looks untidy you will find that it invites theft, loiterers and other security issues. Vermin may also become an issue if there are piles of rubbish left for long periods.

The Solution

Your Lease Agreement will identify the tenants’ responsibilities, but you may wish to get ahead of any problems by using a contractor like Yes Waste to manage the area and keep on top of bin management.

Yes Waste are experts in managing waste and have experience in removing all kinds of rubbish. We can collect bulky waste like beds, mattresses and other furniture, appliances and household junk and rubbish from around the grounds like leaves.

We’ll come to where you need us on a regular basis as agreed and ensure that no fly tipped waste or inappropriate rubbish is lying around. We can also empty the bins as part of the contract, so Yes Waste can provide a comprehensive service with fewer contracts to manage.

Yes Waste is reliable with time slots given, and happy to operate independently which is less hassle for you.

Get Started

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you stay on top of your bin area get in contact. Call 0800 058 2522 or send us a picture of your waste to info@yeswaste.com. Yes Waste collects waste from all over West Yorkshire, including Leeds, and South Yorkshire.