19th September 2018

Yes Waste Tyre Recycling and Disposal in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire

The UK disposes of a million tyres a week. Find out how to recycle them with Yes Waste

The UK disposes of a million tyres a week. Since 2006, the Government has banned sending scrap tyres to landfill, and burning tyres is definitely no longer an option! So all old tyres have to be recycled, by companies like Yes Waste Tyre Recycling.

Tyres awaiting recycling

What happens to old tyres?

  • Most tyres are first ground down to into small pieces.
  • This is then separated into the various parts, including rubber, synthetic and natural fibres, and steel wire.
  • Once separated it is cleaned to remove dirt, oil etc
  • The various elements are then recovered, either into new tyres or other products including roads.

How are old tyres recycled?

If you’ve been or done anything today, you probably did it on old tyres. Recycled tyres are used for all sorts of uses, from carpet underlay to roads, and training surfaces to children’s playgrounds.

In the North of England, a project to resurface the A7 road in Cumbria using recycled tyres is being “rolled out” across the county.

Yes Waste Tyre Recycling

Yes Waste is a great way to get your tyres recycled. We can collect tyres in all conditions including damaged tyres and end of life tyres and offer competitive prices with an environmentally-friendly and professional service.

For your peace of mind we offer all the paperwork you need as a Licensed Waste Carrier.

Why Choose Yes Waste Tyre Recycling

We can come and collect your tyres from anywhere in West Yorkshire, including Leeds and Huddersfield.

Yes Waste is based in Wakefield, so we often come down to make collections in South Yorkshire too. We will also provide quotations for tyre recycling collections outside of these areas.

If you need us to collect outside of normal working hours, get in touch – a Yes Waste vehicle may be in your area already.