20th January 2018

Freshening up your house in 2018? Read our House Clearance DIY tips

There may not ever be a right time to freshen up your home. Our lives are busier now than ever so to add another thing to add to our to-do list isn’t always that appealing. Sometimes, it’s something that needs to be done though. So start with the basics. Work out what you’re going to keep, what you’re going to give away and what needs throwing away. Create a system for yourself too, do it by room or type, for example, furniture or electrical items.


Make a plan for your house clearance

Once you’ve decided on your system by room or type, you can begin to sort out what you want to keep, what you want to throw away and if anything needs to be put into storage. This way you have to make a decision about each item and if you have one place to put the things you want to keep or throw away, it makes your house clearance much easier and everything you need for your household waste removal Yorkshire is in one place.

Yorkshire house clearance garage clearance


There are items that you feel don’t fall into these categories, however, such as confidential documents. If possible these documents you don’t need should be shredded.  If this isn’t possible, Yes Waste are happy to help. We can provide 100% recyclable bags that are self-seal. This means that any confidential documents you need to get rid of can’t be lost in transit and will be shredded and pulped with a certificate of destruction for your records. Yes Waste can provide this service as a one-off or as a regular service as you need it.


Renovating your house? Here are some DIY tips

Decided to take on your own DIY kitchen job? As a personal project or to save money, a little DIY can create some complicated waste. Waste from something as simple as replastering, painting, or fresh wallpaper can be difficult to know what to do with. Wallpaper can have elements that either can’t be or are difficult to recycle, or you’ll find that your local tip is unable to take such items. Whatever household waste removal needs you have, Yes Waste can come and collect this for you and one of our teams can take it all to the right facilities for it to be properly disposed of. Don’t let it confuse you and let our specially trained teams do all the hard work for you. We have details of what and how much can be taken away so you can tell us exactly what you need and we can complete your waste removal Yorkshire as efficiently as possible.


General house clearance

Sometimes we can just need general items removing from our homes. We may have taken advantage of all the sales that happen in January and treated ourselves to a new fridge, bed or sofa. What do we do with the old ones? They probably aren’t going to fit in the back of your car and it can be hazardous to try and attach them to the top. They aren’t however, a match for our man and van teams with our wait and load service (and we can take a lot in one go!) Don’t worry though, it’s not just the big items we can take away.

Wherever possible we recycle or donate to local charities we work with if your items are in a good enough condition. If not we can take it all to specialist treatment facilities and provide you with relevant paperwork so you have peace of mind everything is being done as it should be.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch for a quote today and we will be more than happy to help.