19th January 2018

Waste responsibilities for Landlords and Tenants: A guide to waste removal in commercial property

Whenever you rent out a property it is the responsibility of the Landlord to make sure the tenant disposes of the waste properly from their property. If however, a tenant moves out and leaves waste behind it is no longer household waste. It becomes commercial waste and is the responsibility of the Landlord and they have to make sure it is disposed of safely and responsibly, otherwise they could face a fine or a prison sentence. So what can be done?


Advise tenants about Yorkshire waste removal

We understand there can be a lot of responsibilities that Landlords have to face. It’s important though to make sure your tenant knows about the importance of waste disposal and how they can do it. They can be informed of what the local council provides, or if they have a bigger task such as new furniture arriving and they need to get rid of a larger number of personal items, wait and load services can help with their Yorkshire waste removal and provide a full rubbish removal Leeds service.


landlord tips for Yorkshire waste removal


Building waste landlord tips

Sometimes a property can need an update or refurbishment. When getting this sort of work completed, it can quickly create a lot of waste that doesn’t quite work for the regular bin collections. Yes Waste wait and load service for your Yorkshire waste removal is the ideal choice. The bulky waste that you need to be properly removed and disposed of can build up and get in the way with skip hire, this is not a problem for our wait and load service. Using this service for your Yorkshire waste removal saves you time and money and is hassle-free as we do all the heavy lifting, organising, reusing and recycling for you.

builders waste removal dredging items


Bulky waste landlord tips

Bulky items can need specific waste removal but wait and load is the best option to get rid of these because no alternative storage is needed to wait for one of our teams to come and collect it. These large items can bring about their own problems, especially if you don’t want to go to the tip, and even then they might need to be taken to specialist facilities due to the size and nature of these items. Save yourself from potential fines and we can come and help with your Yorkshire waste removal. Whether it’s a sofa suite, a king sized bed, grand piano or your old fridge our vans and teams are specially trained to safely take these items away and recycle as much of them as possible. It means you don’t need to worry about hiring a van, moving anything yourself or waiting for the council to come and collect with our wait and load service. Just get in touch today for a quote or to discuss your requirements.


Hire a professional

Landlords need to be confident that waste is being removed and disposed of properly from their property and should think about using Yes Waste for their Yorkshire waste removal for peace of mind. It means waste is safely and properly handled and disposed of in accordance with laws and regulations. You know when we are coming as we provide two-hour time slot and a courtesy call 30 minutes beforehand to let you know our teams are on their way.

construction waste removal wait and load building materials


As a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to skip hire we do all the loading for you and provide you with all the necessary paperwork for your records. Find out how we can help today.