21st December 2017

Post Christmas Recycling Tips

Christmas is a great time to be with family and friends, enjoy ourselves and if we’re all being honest there can be a little over indulgence too!

At Yes Waste we are environmentally friendly all year round even during the Christmas period. At this time of year we can all be a little guilty of producing a lot more waste than we normally would and it’s easier to just throw things out than try and sort through everything when we are busy. We’ve put together a list of the most common types of Christmas waste and how you can do your bit to recycle these items.


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Wrapping Paper

Everyone knows that paper is recyclable but not all wrapping paper can be part of your household recycling because of dyes and glitter that is often used. Of course, if you’re careful enough you can find another use for it and reuse it.

Did you know, according to Recycle Now, the amount of wrapping paper used each Christmas would stretch 364,700k which is long enough to stretch from your front room to the moon. Don’t just chuck it all away, when you’re having a post-christmas house clearance and you’re looking at the amount of household recycling you have it can probably look a little overwhelming.

Save yourself a few trips to the tip or trying to squeeze it all into your bins and get in touch with Yes Waste. We can take care of your rubbish removal Yorkshire needs and you don’t even need to lift a finger


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Christmas Trees

So we know not everyone has a real Christmas tree every year, if you’ve got an artificial tree you’re probably going to put it back in its box ready for next Christmas. If you’ve got a real Christmas tree, you can’t just put it back in the loft.

Our household recycling service is perfect when you’re looking for rubbish removal Yorkshire to help get rid of your Christmas tree. On average we throw away 250 tonnes of trees every year. Our wait and load service can come and collect your tree once you’ve taken it down so you don’t need to worry about where to take it and we recycle everything we can.


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Glass bottles

We all like to enjoy our favourite drinks over the festive period, but more often than not these come in glass bottles. At this time of year we average over 13,000 tonnes of glass bottles, so what do we do with it all? We can help with your post-Christmas house clearance because there’s probably a lot you need to get rid of.

Get in touch for a quote if you’ve got a lot of glass bottles that are part of your rubbish removal Yorkshire needs and one of our two-man teams can come to your home and load it onto one of our vans and take it away for you to be recycled.


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General Christmas Waste

Did you save money on one of the boxing day or new year deals for household furniture? It can be a great time of year to save money on a brand new sofa, wardrobe or table for your home, but you may need a house clearance service to take away what you no longer need. We can also take away all the cardboard that makes up packaging for presents that’s sat waiting to be recycled at the same as our vans can hold up to a tonne of waste.


Get in touch today for a quote for your Christmas waste removal.