21st November 2017

Tips for handling excess rubbish

Forgotten to take the bins out? Tenants left a load of rubbish behind? Finally cut down that overgrown hedge? Whatever the case, there are times when we’ve all got excess rubbish that needs removing, so what do you do? Before it causes stress and is a complete eyesore, don’t let it build up and use a rubbish removal company for your waste removal.


wait and load rubbish removal


Know your rubbish!

So you’ve collected a load of items and realised you need a waste removal service.

Knowing your rubbish helps a rubbish removal company to help you. Some things you can deal with yourself and others need the experts. Most of your household plastic, paper, metal and glass waste can be dealt with through any weekly rubbish collection you may have or by taking it to the tip. If you have larger items or, for example, large wooden tables and chairs, it may not be practical for you to take these away yourself. This isn’t a problem for Yes Waste rubbish removal as our professional teams are trained to take these away and recycle where possible. If you also find yourself with any hazardous waste such as fridges or monitors, this can be included in our rubbish removal service.


’Weigh up’ your rubbish ready for rubbish removal

If you can, an estimate of how much your rubbish removal weighs helps a rubbish removal company to tailor your quote. For example, you might have an old cooker that needs taking away, which is around 50kg and wouldn’t take very long. On the other hand, you might have half a tonne of stuff that includes a few more household items such as that old exercise bike you’ve been promising yourself for years you’ll use but has become more of a clothes horse or a TV, bike or hoover.

Being able to tell Yes Waste what sort of stuff you have for rubbish removal can help us to give you a better quote and we’ve got a quick guide if you’re in any doubt.


wait and load rubbish removal

Hire a man and van waste removal service

When you have a lot of waste that needs rubbish removal, you may think that skip hire is your best option. However, our man and van service may be more suited to your needs. When you use a waste removal company that provides a man and van rubbish collection service, all the heavy lifting and taking away is done for you. It’s also an eco-friendly, convenient and cheaper alternative to skip hire. You don’t need to lift a finger or worry about making sure everything is in one place because Yes Waste man and van service will complete your waste removal wherever it is on your property.


licensed waste removal company

Recycle what you can

As far as throwing rubbish ‘away’ goes, we are becoming more conscious that there is no ‘away’. We are recycling more and sorting rubbish so that it can be recycled, reused and processed in some way. Most councils these days have included this is as part of their general weekly rubbish collection but there are some household items that are a little more complicated than this. Larger items such as piano’s or sofas, electrical items such as TV’s and dishwashers need expert care. At Yes Waste, this is part of our rubbish removal and we recycle as many items as we can including those mentioned and more.

With Yes Waste, all you have to do is point. We’ll lift and load your rubbish and remove it correctly and ethically. Get in touch for a quote today.