13th November 2017

Why you should use a licensed waste removal company

If you are part of a business that produces a lot of business waste, using a licensed waste removal company for your waste removal should be one of your top priorities.

Take the building industry, for example, chances are your organisation will generate a lot of rubbish. If this isn’t disposed of properly it could contribute to climate change, health and safety hazards and pollution.

These aren’t the only problems that can come with waste build-up though. If for example, waste is left on the roadside, you could face penalties and fines which could damage your business’ reputation. You have to deal with waste responsibly as a duty of care however it is produced, Yes Waste can help.

We can help by taking away and, where possible, recycling your waste, saving you from the heavy lifting whilst being a fully licensed waste carrier.


Dumping waste is a crime

Did you know that there is such a thing is ‘waste crime’? It’s also on the rise. Considering the negative impact it can have on the environment, it’s hardly surprising that it is now considered a criminal offence if you dump waste illegally and contribute to water contamination.

Penalties for waste crime can vary. The Department for Environment will get involved and issue an appropriate fine to whoever dumped the waste. When you work with a licensed waste removal company you can avoid such fines and keep looking after your business’ reputation.


recycle waste removal company

Why we help you recycle

We know if you are dealing with building products or producing a lot of business waste, it can be difficult to make sure everything is recycled correctly. At Yes Waste we hold a license that means we understand and are trained to deal with your waste properly and take it the correct facilities.

We are all producing more waste than ever but the majority of waste that is created can be recycled or composted. Take builders waste, for example, some of the waste generated could be reused too which is only a good thing for the environment.


waste removal health and safety

Waste Removal Health and Safety

As Yes Waste hold a licence, it means we follow proper health and safety standards when collecting, recycling and disposing of business waste. Health and safety is an important part of our industry and we take all necessary precautions.


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Space and Storage

Whatever business you’re in, working on jobs of different sizes means you may not always have time to properly sort and store materials to prepare them to be recycled. When you have local authorities collecting your waste you’re required to sort your waste, but isn’t required if you hire a licensed waste removal company.

Legislation and procedures are put in place by our teams and everything will be carried out to comply with any legal site requirements you may have. Our teams can help separate your materials and take it all away on the same day before giving you relevant paperwork for peace of mind that we are properly dealing with your waste.


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