31st October 2017

The Winter Preparation Garden Clearance

Yes Waste can help you to clear up your garden and take away any garden waste in preparation for winter.

Winter Garden Clearance

Summers over, the leaves are falling and all the garden DIY is done for the season.

It would be too easy to just pile up all the offcuts from pruning or stack up the empty and used tins of paint, grass seed and any debris left over from a busy summer in a corner of the yard but this is the perfect time for garden clearance and waste removal.


There are a few things you can do to give the backyard a fighting chance through the winter and prepare you for a productive next season.

  1.  Tidy up! Yes, the sun’s hung around a little longer than we anticipated and there has still been a bit of shrub growth fairly late in the season. Don’t leave it looking ragged for the winter, grab the pruners and trimmers and do a quick once-over for a garden clearout. Once everything is ready to go, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Yes Waste will come and collect all green waste for you and leave your backyard neat and tidy.
  2.  Help your lawn. In order to have a healthy grass lawn when spring arrives, rake out the dead grass and moss that may have built up. Take away any dead foliage and set it to one side and Yes Waste can clear away your garden waste for you.
  3.  Check your tools. Now you need to use them less it’s a good idea to check what shape your gardening tools are in to prevent them from rusting at the back of the shed. Not only that, we’ve never come across a shed that doesn’t have the unwanted cardboard boxes and polystyrene packaging. Our responsible garden waste removal service will ensure everything is disposed of in the appropriate manner whether its electrical, recyclable or hazardous waste. The same goes for any other large garden tools you may have that could benefit from being replaced and recycled.
  4. Clear out your shed. We’ve all done it, so you’re not alone in thinking such a clearout can wait until the spring. You may have a lot of debris and junk piled up so it’s best to clear this out before winter really sets in. It’s not just to make it look better, it can help to keep bacteria and small animals away and stop them from trying to hibernate in your shed, both are bad particularly if your shed is made out of wood. If you want to remove any potential rodent breeding spaces, throw out any unwanted and disused articles, get in touch and Yes Waste will help.


garden clearance and garden waste removal service

How can our waste removal service help?

Our uniformed teams are primed to help your garden clearance and garden waste removal throughout Yorkshire. Whether you need to remove trees, clear out your shed or take away general garden waste, all of this can be recycled.

At Yes Waste we pride ourselves on the environmentally friendly waste removal reputation we’ve developed. If you need an extra pair of hands, our two-man teams can help to take down your old shed and clear the space.

Our man and van clearance service are more affordable than skip hire and it won’t take up as much space, plus there’s no need for permits if you don’t have a dedicated drive. We will arrive in your allocated 2-hour slot and do all the loading for you.