27th October 2017

Business WEEE waste removal

WEEE waste removal doesn't need to be difficult when Yes Waste can take it all away for you

What is WEEE waste? It’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment waste. Anything that uses a plug or a battery can be put into this category. By UK law these products have to recycled and produce as little waste as possible. This is applicable to everyone, not just households or businesses.

WEEE items are often extremely complex which means they can be difficult to recycle. As they can often contain hazardous materials, they need to be dealt with by professionals who are experienced and licensed to deal with these materials. We are WEEE waste removal specialists. We’ll collect and securely wipe all data on business desktop PCs or laptops and ensure they’re crushed and recycled as scrap metal.


Examples of recyclable WEEE waste

  • Large appliances: cookers, microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Small appliances: vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and clocks
  • IT and telecommunications equipment: computers, telephones, calculators
  • Consumer equipment: radios, musical instruments and cameras
  • Lighting equipment
  • Electrical Tools
  • Toys, leisure and sports equipment: games consoles, treadmills
  • Medical equipment
  • Monitoring and control equipment: thermostats, smoke detectors
  • Automatic dispensers: coffee machines, ATMs
  • Display equipment: TV’s and monitors
  • Cooling equipment: refrigerators
  • Gas discharge lamps
  • PV solar panels


Why do I need to recycle WEEE waste?

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All electronic waste has chemicals in them that are harmful to the environment. If they’re just dumped in landfill sites there is nowhere safe for this to go so as they decay their toxins leak into the earth and our water systems which could make it into our food chain. Failing to properly get rid of this waste is against the law and not doing so could result in you being handed a £5000 fine or facing jail.

Yes Waste is a WEEE compliant company and we can provide you with waste transfer notes so you have proof and peace of mind we can deal with this properly.

We recently completed a project for Motobility and Barney Goodey had this to say about our service:

“The pick-up of the WEEE gear and general waste went really well. It was a great service that was provided and we will be keeping Yes Waste’s details for future collections”.

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