26th September 2017

Refurbishment Waste Removal

If your shop, retail unit or property is undergoing refurbishment you’ll have a lot of refurbishment waste to deal with.

It’s a good idea to establish a plan early on and think about refurbishment waste removal in your time frames and costs.

If your refurbishment project is over £300,000, having a site waste management plan is a legal requirement. This will cover non-hazardous waste related to on-site construction and dedicated off-site manufacture generated by the building’s design and construction.


Identify types of refurbishment waste

There are several types of refurbishment waste that will need to removed. This can include but isn’t limited to:

  1. Building materials, rubble
  2. Packaging materials
  3. General site waste
  4. Paint tins
  5. Electrical waste

Once you have an idea of the scope of your refurbishment waste, you can identify what may be suitable for city council collection, recycling and what will be left over that requires specialist waste removal.

refurbishment waste removal


Logistics of refurbishment waste

With any refurbishment project, one major problem we have seen arise is a lack of space to have a skip for these projects, as many refurbishments are happening in built-up areas. The nature of waste that is being removed can include general bulky items such as desks or building rubble which need to be removed as quickly as possible so that they are out of the way. Logistics can also be difficult with refurbishment waste too as there are different waste materials at the same time, storing these and sorting these can be time-consuming. Using our wait and load service for your waste can take the pressure off you and your project so you can deal with the job at hand.


Whatever your refurbishment project, Yes Waste can help to remove waste from your site, just get in touch for a quote for your project today.